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What We Offer


Rural estates are the original social enterprise. Characterised by the diversity of activities carried out on them as much by their long-term perspective and their consideration of factors other than purely financial return.  As custodians of our landscape, we hope that people living on and around the estates will benefit from our long term approach and management. 

The East Neuk Estates provide properties to let for residential as well as commercial purposes, opportunities for country sports of roe-deer stalking, pheasant and other wild game shooting and also job opportunities.

As well as what we offer directly, we are happy to help if you are looking for firewood, seeking details of where paths run, where you can buy locally-produced food and many other estate-related activities. 

Property letting / Homes

We have an extensive range of homes to let.  Often there are few available because our existing occupiers are happy to remain, however we are happy to maintain a waiting list for houses or cottages which do come available.

Commercial premises

We are always keen to support small businesses and foster vibrancy in the East Neuk.  We have many opportunities for small businesses to make use of traditional and modern farm buildings.


There are opportunites for managed shooting across the East Neuk Estates.

Roe Deer stalking

The East Neuk is recognised worldwide as one of the finest places to stalk wild roe deer.  Accompanied stalking can be arranged as required.

Firewood / Logs

A number of the estates provide firewood and logs. Please goto the shop for more information.


"A diverse offer of homes, work-places, sporting and other activities"