A late spring dusting of snow on Kellie LawSwallows help with the pest-control at BalcaskieA swallow hunts for flies in the duskBalcaskie EstateOver Kellie in the snow (2013)Luing Cattle enjoy the best view in the East Neuk (August 2012)A summer's day at BalcaskieSheep in a designed landscapeFresh-cut silage in front of Kellie LawRoe Deer in the snow (2013)Hives on BalcaskieIsle of May at dusk, from over CarnbeeRoe deer make their way through the January snowKellie Castle in the January snow (2013)


Local sourcing: Fife's Postcode

Like any business or consumer, Balcaskie buys goods and services as it goes about its own business.  In doing so we try to be a responsible trading partner.  We engage local tradespeople wherever possible and buy from local businesses where this is feasible.  We aim to pay all our invoices on time and ask that our own invoices are similarly paid.  

Over the last five years between 40% and 85% of our annual spend has been directed within our local PostCode area [KY / Kirkcaldy].  This rises to 45%-99% with the inclusion of Dundee, just across the Tay.  On average over 90% our annual spend is directed within Scotland and overall during this period Balcaskie has been a net investor into Scotland.

We encourage new businesses both by engaging them as a customer and/or by hosting them on the Estate.  We encourage our suppliers to invest and expand by giving them, wherever possible, confidence in the future.  We select the best supplier since we fervently believe that it is our responsibility to encourage all our suppliers to excel, just as we ourselves always seek to improve.  

If you are proud of what you do and would like to become one of our suppliers (or customers), please contact us via this website or by post to Balcaskie Estate Office, Easter Kelie, Arncroach, Fife, KY10 2RD

"Responsibility in business"